Hello dear friends,

We’re Amy & Bill - advocates for mindful living and makers of nature-loving clothes that look good on you and our planet, too. We’re so glad you’re here, tuning-in at the beginning of an exciting, new season at Amy Kuschel.

You might already know our story, but just in case, here are the highlights from seasons 1 and 2:

In Season 1, New York girl falls for California boy over mixtape. It’s 1992 in NYC. She's a young Fashion Institute of Technology grad designing on 7th Avenue. He's a freelance TV director with a degree in film from UC Berkeley. One mixtape leads to another and before too long, they're driving across country, getting hitched and setting up shop in San Francisco. For their big day, Amy designs her own wedding dress because simple, elegant gowns were hard to come by.

Season 2 kicks off in 1999 with a bun in the oven and the launch of the first Amy Kuschel collection of simple, elegant wedding gowns. While raising little ones, A & B open their flagship studio in San Francisco’s Union Square and set out to become SF’s top spot for designer dresses. With 20 years of teamwork, community, and local dressmaking, 20,000 happy brides, a sustainable ready-to-wear collection, 2 grown kiddos, and over 130,000 minutes of meditation…cue the pandemic and the grand pivot from iconic dresses to facemasks for front-liners.

It was the richest time of our lives - a whirlwind journey full of 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows.

With gratitude and wonder, Bill and I paused to reflect and honor the sacredness of this moment as we wrapped up the season, packing up our SF studio and favorite belongings, poised for our next big adventure.

A plot twist:

Midway through Act III, right before the climax ;) - Amy started training to become a Mindfulness and Meditation teacher and Mindful Living coach.

“Over the years I've had a lot of balls up in the air as a wife, maker, and mama - and sometimes things would fall apart. But I found a way to thrive. Daily yoga and mindfulness practices, including morning meditation, have given me the nourishment I need to face whatever comes my way. Thinking back to a really chaotic time in my life, I remember my friend, Mo, saying, 'wow, stress looks really good on you.'  We laughed - but it stuck with me. I feel like I have a super power, an antidote to all of the overwhelm. Mindfulness has helped me surf the ups-and-downs with a measure of grace and resilience. And when the tides turn, as they always do, I'm filled with gratitude and optimism. I don't drink anymore, but I joke that I'm high on life. It's true - I've tapped into an inner peace and wisdom that everything will ultimately be OK. It's been transformational and healing, allowing me to connect deeply with my heart’s purpose and with everyone around me.

Now, more than ever, I'm inspired to spread the seeds of mindfulness to help others find their peace and live with purpose. It’s not just about us, friends. Our blossoming ripples and riccochets in every direction. 

My ultimate goal is to co-create a flourishing, mindful living community with you - sharing, caring, and walking each other home."

As our story unfolds, curiosity lands us in Palm Springs, California, the heart of Coachella Valley, on the native land of the Cahuilla. The calm, desert mountainscape, the stylish mid-century architecture, and the pride-loving community are the perfect backdrop for Season 3: Mindful Living: The Palm Springs Edition.

In the first episode, we slow down and simplify our business, allowing more space to create offerings that inspire mindful living.

Cool clothes are still in the mix, sustainably and ethically made right here in sunny California. Kicking it off with essentials, like our dilly dally loungewear, made of 100% organic cotton french terry and embroidered with playful reminders to slow down and “breathe”, and to channel your inner peace and wonder with “peace in, peace out”.  

Living fully in each moment takes practice - and these reminders are here to help as we get untangled from all the stuff we don’t need, like stress, worry, and busyness, so we can live with less junk and more joy.

As the plot thickens, stay tuned for ways to connect with us with weekly mindful meetups, intention setting workshops, and eventually, 1-on-1 Mindful Living coaching with Amy.  

We’re delighted you’re here to walk with us on this amazing journey through life. Thank you. Namaste.

With compassion and wonder,

Amy & Bill



Bill’s the music man, the man of information...as Amy likes to call him. He grew up in southern California: think skateboards, Elvis, English Beat, and runner’s legs. After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley with a major in film, he started his career in New York as a television director. When we met, Bill wooed me with clever mixtapes, gourmet (homemade!) meals, and old movies. 2 kids and 20+ years later, it’s Bill’s belief in me - and what we can accomplish together - that has kept us true to our values. He’s the visionary who sees the forest through the trees. He’s also our go-to HR/AP/AR guy, the production manager, the designer of our ERP system, and our one-stop-web-shop developer. In a nutshell, Bill is the hero behind the brand.

MORE JOY: family, Primo & Stella, ultimate frisbee, music, detective novels, backpacking, reddit, bitters, IPAs, and pool days.

He’s truly a less junk, more joy kinda guy.






Amy grew up in western New York listening to 70’s soul, rock-n-roll, and David Bowie. She is a graduate of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, getting her start in fashion working on 7th Avenue as a ready to wear designer. Over the next 10 years, Amy spearheaded design for several companies in New York and California until her entrepreneurial spirit took hold. Her search for the perfect wedding gown inspired Amy and her new husband, Bill, to launch the Amy Kuschel collection. Her passion for minimalist design, love of Thich Nhat Hanh and all things mindful, and her optimistic life view can be felt throughout her work.


Have you heard of the helper’s high? You know, that heart-warming feeling you get when you give something of yourself to make the world a better place. It’s the core of our common purpose - so when we can, we enjoy volunteering our time and donating resources to support causes we hold near and dear. When you shop with us, you help us pay it forward.

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Thanks for getting high with us! We appreciate you.